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Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland is a Pfandbrief bank focusing on public finance in Germany and abroad. Its focus within the Dexia Group lies primarily on the international public finance business eligible for cover  generated by the Group and on business in Germany's municipal secondary market. The transfer of international, eligible assets from other banks in the Dexia Group to Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland will further reinforce Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland’s role as a specialist bank and Pfandbrief issuer. This will also underscore Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland’s standing as a long-term lender, and thus as a core strategic institution within the Dexia Group.

The Bank is continuing to pursue its objective of further expanding the international base of its cover fund while maintaining a high share of German assets therein. The bank's Project Finance business is continued in cooperation with the Project Finance Team of Dexia Credit Local, Paris.

For existing clients Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland provides financial services for the restructuring and prolongation of loans. Our customer and services comprises

Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland is fully complied with the MiFID-regulations (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive). Please find here more MiFID-information. Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland offers only business dealings with as professionals classified clients (suitable counterparty).

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