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We, Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland AG, have included links to other internet web sites on our own web site. We hereby expressly state that we do not have any control over the design or contents of any web sites such links relate to. Any links included by us only serve the purpose of facilitating access to these linked web sites. Where any linked web sites contain illegal information that violates any laws or regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany or the European Communities or international law, we of course do not endorse such contents. We dissociate ourselves in particular from any and all contents that constitute the offences of slander, libel or defamation. This statement applies to all links contained on our web sites.

We do not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of the contents shown on this web site.

Data Protection Statement


In the era of Internet technology and electronic data processing, the individual is often left wondering where and for what purpose their personal data is being stored. In the financial arena, in particular, it is of paramount importance that customers can rely on the diligent and secure treatment of their data. We would therefore like to explain to you, as a visitor to our website, how Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland AG respects your right to privacy and safeguards the confidentiality of your personal details.

Scope of Data Protection Statement of Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland AG

The Data Protection Statement of Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland AG applies to all web pages for which Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland AG is responsible. Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland AG's web site may, however, include links to other organisations which would not be covered by our Data Protection Statement.
Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland AG ensures confidentiality of your personal data by
• the duty of confidentiality of our employees; and
•  by having both an in-house Data Protection Officer and our internal audit department monitoring compliance with this Data Protection Statement.

Data transmitted via browser / Internet technology

Each visit to our web site is recorded in a log, including such data as the IP address currently used by your PC, time and date, browser type, the operating system of your PC and the pages you looked at. It is, however, not possible for us to relate this data to any specific person. These details are collected for the sole purpose of data security. Data is only evaluated for statistical purposes and then only in anonymous form. We do no create or process personal 'surfing profiles' or similar analyses.

Use of your personal data

Any personal information you may enter onto one of our web pages (e.g. your name, address or email address) is only used for correspondence with yourself, and only processed for the specific purpose for which you made this data available to us. You may at any time object against use of your personal data. We assure you that we do not pass your personal data on to third parties, unless we are under statutory obligation to do so, or you have given your prior consent to such disclosure.
To the extent that we use third-party service providers for processing, these contracts are subject to the provisions of the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz).

Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland AG uses Piwik, a web analysis program, in order to provide tailor-made website design. Piwik uses cookies (see Cookies clause below) as well as Javascript for this purpose. Evaluation and editing of this information is realized by Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland AG only. The servicing of Piwik is provided by T3Company (www.t3company.de).

Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland AG uses this information in order to analyse your use of our website. Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland AG only receives analyses without personal references. We will not collect personal data on this website; your IP address will be anonymized.


We use so-called cookies, small text files, if you visit our website. These cookies will be stored on your computer, so that we are able to align our website to your interests. Piwik also uses cookies, which are placed on your computer and also enable you to analyse your own use of our website. The cookie-generated information about your use of this website (including your anonymized IP-address) may be stored in Piwik. If you don’t want us to recognise your computer (hard disc cookies), you can set the preferences for your web browser to automatically erase cookies, deny storage of cookies or to ask for approval each time a website requests storage of a cookie. Doing so, however, may interfere with your use of our website.

Your Rights

You can request a statement of your personal data stored by Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland AG. You can also demand that your data be corrected, blocked or deleted.

Updates of this Data Protection Statement

Whenever Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland AG introduces new products or services, modifies its Internet processes, or Internet or EDP security technologies advance, this Data Protection Statement must be updated. We therefore reserve the right to make changes or amendments to this statement as and when required. Any changes will be published on this web page. The current version is dated 10 April 2002.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions, please contact the Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland AG Data Protection Officer:

Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland AG
Data Protection Officer
Thomas Klebow
Charlottenstraße 82
10969 Berlin, Germany

Phone: +49 (30) 25598-113
Fax: +49 (30) 25598-201
E-Mail: thomas.klebow(at)dexia.de

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